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Even I sometimes dream of the times before social media. For business owner just venturing into the realm of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, the entire process can seem pretty frustrating. Chances are, if you aren’t already an avid social media user, it will take you some time, research, and possibly […]

So, you have created a business profile on Facebook or Instagram and are excited about the possibilities it could bring you and your business. The image of thousands of people following you and then purchasing from you dances around your head…well, hold your horses. Not to rain on your parade, but the image of social […]

Every smart business owner knows that Social Media has become a major player in the marketing world. With the boom of different options available to reach out to potential customers, it can be confusing for the average business owner to know where to start or even what platform to use. Each platform, (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, […]

There are different methods of marketing that as a business leader you should implement in your business. Telling people about your products and services is getting better with each day bringing in a new strategy that can be used in communicating more about your products efficiently. Social media advertising is one of the best strategies […]