6 Keys To Building An Orlando FL Marketing Strategy

6 Keys To building an Orlando Fl Marketing StrategyWhether you’re looking to improve Orlando FL marketing reach, or your goal is to expand your Orlando-based company into national and international territories, selling your products and services online requires a well-planned and executed digital marketing strategy.

1. Start with a good working definition of marketing.

Marketing is a management process that businesses and organizations of all sizes use to deliver the products they create and services they provide to consumers, other businesses, and to community and government agencies they serve.

Marketing is a systematic way of promoting your products and services and developing an identity for your company and your brand. Whether you offer one or many products or even if you are a service business, begin with a clear definition of what you offer. Be ready to answer who, what, why, when, where, and how questions about your products or services.

• What is your product or service?
• Who is your target customer or client? Who will benefit from using your products or services?
• Why should someone buy from you? Are there unique features that only your product provides? Does your service solve a specific need for a targeted audience?
• When do people buy your products or need your services? Also, research to determine the buying process, so you’ll know when to reach consumers with targeted messages about your brand.
• Where are your consumers geographically? Where do they search for information about products and services like yours?
• How will you communicate your value proposition to your target audience? It’s also important to define how they will reach and communicate with you.

2. Understand what a marketing looks like and build an inclusive strategy.

Every business has a specific value offering and unique service proposition. Marketing strategy is a process of creating and delivering that message to potential and existing customers.

Here, it’s important to make a distinction between strategy and marketing tactics. Many business owners dedicate time and money to a specific activity or channel and define that as their marketing technique.

Very often, what seemed to be a well-planned marketing campaign yields limited to no results, even when the “metrics” say otherwise. Certain tactics may lead to conversations, page views, click-throughs, and even likes and shares. But even with all the buzz, there’s no increase in sales.

Ultimately, the goal of your marketing plan is to drive sales and lead to profitability. When done effectively, marketing increases your company’s visibility and enhances your business reputation.

Building an effective marketing campaign starts with defining the elements that will work best for your business. It includes several elements including public relations, content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising.

3. Include a public relations strategy for free media publicity and promotion.

Public relations is one of the overlapping areas of marketing you can use to build your business. When you want to reach a broader audience including potential employees and investors, you need a solid PR strategy. It focuses on using earned, or free, media for publicity. You can build your brand identity and public image through news coverage focused on your company, products, and services. You can also use PR to manage negative publicity about your company or products.

What does a PR strategy look like? Public relations is primarily focused on media and journalists. Effective public relations improves your visibility by establishing you as a business thought leader and industry expert. PR success depends on how well you sell your message to media makers. But it involves more than just issuing occasional press releases. Effective PR tactics include:

• Granting one-on-one interviews with reporters to talk about industry trends, tell the story of your professional journey, and give an insider view of your company.
• Making guest appearances on radio or TV to show your products in action or to demonstrate where your services have helped the communities you serve.
• Being a contributor in panel discussions and guest posting articles about industry trends that enhance your reputation as an industry leader and preferred information source.

Research proves that consumers view these types of media endorsements and engagements differently than they view paid advertising. When media looks to you for information and advice and refers to you as a source to back up the facts they report, your business gets a credibility boost. When you, your company, and your products and services are a frequent source of news coverage, your reputation can quickly skyrocket and can serve as a backbone for your other marketing efforts.

4. Make content creation the base for all your other marketing and advertising strategies.

Content marketing is the process of creating the packaging or container you’ll use to deliver your value message to your target audience. It involves more than blogging, posting, tweeting, and sharing. Content marketing includes multimedia messaging through audio and video channels.

If you are a product-driven business, content marketing focuses on delivering the right images and visual content to your audience. Consider what someone can envision when they see images or videos of your products. Can they see how your product performs or imagine themselves using your product? Is there a trial or demo for digital products? If you offer personal services, can your audience capture the essence of the experience from the content they come across?

Focus on quality, rather than quantity, when it comes to content. High-quality content is adaptable and can be repurposed to reach different audiences across many platforms.

As a process, content marketing facilitates audience engagement for your search engine and social media marketing plans, and for your paid advertising.

5. Use social media marketing as your primary source of organic search marketing efforts.

When used in an overall marketing methodology, social media not only helps you reach your target audience, it also helps to improve your company’s organic search results.

Social media helps to increase your search engine visibility. Your profile pages, images, video, and even shared content helps search engines find your company, brand, and products. You can use social media to communicate with existing customers as well as to engage with new customers.

Which social media platform is best? The answer depends on where your buyers and when they are active. There may not be one ideal platform. On the other hand, you may not need to be on every social media outlet. Or, you could have a primary social media outlet where most of your activity is based and others as secondary outlets for expanded reach.

6. Target active buyers through search engine advertising.

Paid search engine and pay per click (PPC) advertising allows you to target people who are actively searching for brands, products, or other keywords that indicate that they’re motivated to purchase. As with other marketing strategies, there is a great variety of content you can use to get your message across including:

• Display advertising
• Social media advertising
• Video advertising
• PPC remarketing

To achieve the results you want and maximize the return on your investment, work with a digital marketing agency that specializes in managing PPC advertising and online marketing campaigns.

Marketing Resources

The most important thing you can do to create an effective and successful marketing plan is to have the right resources in place before you try your hand at any of these marketing ideas.

First, set clear expectations for what you want to achieve. Quantify the results you want. Place a dollar amount and percentage increase in sales you want to achieve and define the timeline in which you want to achieve these results.

Second, establish your budget. Start with an annual budget and allot portions for seasonal promotions, or new product or service campaigns.

Third, work with a full-service digital marketing agency that can pull together the expertise you need to assist in critical areas of:

• Content strategy and development
• Web design, digital strategy, and SEO
• Online marketing and promotion
• Sales strategy, e-commerce, and conversion rate optimization

Targeted Approach to Marketing

Keep in mind that every large, enterprise-level and multinational corporation began as a startup. What accounts for rapid and consistent growth is a targeted marketing approach. In the digital marketing space, you need a systematic and metrics-driven marketing strategy.

We’re here to answer your questions and help to boost your online marketing results. Contact us for more information on how you can increase sales and improve your bottom line using our targeted Orlando FL marketing strategies.

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